[Benchmarking] Geotiff and overviews

Michael Smith michael.smith at usace.army.mil
Tue Aug 17 05:56:38 EDT 2010


I don't see a problem with you creating external overviews of the geotiffs.
Its similar in concept to how we are all creating our spatial index files.
As long as they are geotiff pyramids, internal vs external seems like no
difference to me.


Michael Smith
US Army Corps of Engineers
Remote Sensing/GIS Center
Hanover, NH 

On 8/17/10 6:50 AM, "Anne-Sophie Collignon"
<Anne-Sophie.Collignon at erdas.com> wrote:

> Hello,
> If we cannot take advantage of the geotiff overviews, is that a problem
> for some of you, if we create external overviews and attach them to the
> original raster Geotiff service (the goal would be to reflect the same
> as with the internal overview, and the tool used would be documented,
> like for the shape index)? Or anyone knows how we could extract the
> internal overviews to have the capabilities to attach them to the
> service ?
> Any comment is very welcome,
> Thanks,
> Best Regards,
> Anne-Sophie

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