[Benchmarking] CSV files udpated

Andrea Aime aaime at opengeo.org
Wed Aug 25 13:18:52 EDT 2010

Hi all,
I've just committed the updated csv files in the repository.
They have been generated using Daniel/Alan script along with
the simplified spain borders and Ivan raster borders with
the following commands:

python2.6 wms_request.py -count 2200 -region -9 36 3 43 -minsize 640 480 
-maxsize 1024 768 -minres "2.5e-06" -maxres 0.000755 -srs 4326 -srs2 
3857 -filter_within spain-boundary-simplified.shp

python2.6 wms_request.py -count 2200 -region 372360 4557880 484490 
4631460 -minsize 640 480 -maxsize 1024 768 -minres 0.5 -maxres 280 
-filter_within foss4g2010_raster_coverage_25831.shp -srs 25831 -srs2 3857

Notice how now I'm using the whole dataset area in -region, so expect
these new tests to hit a wider area and thus have a higher tendency
to be disk bound (did not make the three runs so I cannot be sure
of what will actually happen)

I had a quick look at them (first few hundred requests) and they seem
to be working both fine, could not see significant holes and the
requests are working against the same area in both projections.

Good job everybody :-)

Well, I have to run, if someone else wants to give it a kick
and confirm/deny what I've seen, it would be great


Andrea Aime
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