[Benchmarking] Two small styling issues in sample requests (QGIS, Apollo)

Anne-Sophie Collignon Anne-Sophie.Collignon at erdas.com
Thu Aug 26 05:00:31 EDT 2010

Hi Andrea,

Apollo is down for the moment, because I'm deploying some configurations.
Regarding the contour labels, we also notice some issue and we're still working on it. We should provide the contour label updated by the end of this week.

Thank you for your remark,
Best Regards,


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I was going through the sample requests one more time
and I noticed a couple of small things I missed before:

- QGIS mapserver seems to render the tracks (or whatever are
   the gray roads with a black outline) with artifacts at crossings,
   whilst the other road types do blend as expected,40.73922127533,0.64684991455078,40.773670967102&WIDTH=824&HEIGHT=472

- Apollo does not seem to be labeling the contour lines,building,settlement,industry,point_labels_for_geometry,point_labels_no_geometry,ramp,track,road,motorway&STYLES=prop,prop,prop,prop,prop,prop,prop,prop,prop,prop&BBOX=2.10767236423,41.4072245022,2.1178733654,41.4148752531&width=800&height=600&srs=EPSG:4326&FORMAT=image/png
(err... this I actually noticed yesterday, Apollo does not seem
to respond to requests right now, they eventually time out).


Andrea Aime
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