[Benchmarking] PostGIS performance issues?

Andrea Aime aaime at opengeo.org
Sat Aug 28 18:07:29 EDT 2010

Paul Ramsey ha scritto:
> Someone shut it off perhaps? Were Oracle and PgSQL thrashing memory?
> If we both tried to take a big enough shared memory segment  nasty
> things could happen.

With Michael we did some tests and confirmed PostGIS to always
be disk bound for both GeoServer and MapServer runs, even with Oracle
shut down
However when Michael reversed the roles Oracle did well and was not
disk bound at the second (or third?) run. I guess POstgres is still
down since then.

Mind, Oracle has the data in 2D, so maybe that's the cause.
Or maybe it's something different, don't really know :-)


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