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FYI: MapGuide cannot join this year. I have updated the wiki with this 


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Hi Jason,

I understand the situation. Thanks for your answer, and keep in mind
that the door is not fully closed yet, you can always join a little
later if others become available to help. You just won't have a chance
to speak on the early decisions that are being made these days.


On 11-01-15 01:52 PM, Jason Birch wrote:
> Hi Daniel,
> I think, absent further comments and if you need an immediate
> response, that the silence will have to be interpreted as a no. I'm
> really just a power-user, and from what I saw last year developer
> participation is a requirement.  We don't tend to do anything quickly
> :)
> I know that Haris was really interested in benchmarking after
> attending FOSS4G last year, but he's currently out of commission.
> Jason
> On 2011-01-15, Daniel Morissette<dmorissette at mapgears.com>  wrote:
>> Hi Jason,
>> Are you (and the rest of the MapGuide devs) still thinking about it and
>> just need more time, or should we interpret the silence as a no?
>> Sorry to be pushy with this, but the WMS Benchmarking team would
>> appreciate an official yes/no answer from your group and I've been
>> tasked to contact your team.
>> Please CC Jeff McKenna (or the benchmarking list) on your answer as I'll
>> be away from email in the coming week.
>> Cheers
>> Daniel
>> On 11-01-12 05:25 PM, Daniel Morissette wrote:
>>> Jason Birch wrote:
>>>> Do you know if this is likely to be a more organized effort this year?
>>>> Last year I wasn't able to free up time to participate, but it seemed
>>>> like a bit of a mad scramble trying to get things done with data
>>>> issues, specifications changes, etc. If it's likely to be like that
>>>> again I don't think I can afford the kind of effort required for
>>>> successful outcome.
>>> Hi Jason,
>>> First of all I'm very happy to hear that there is at least a bit of
>>> interest. Your question is a tough one to answer with a simple yes or no.
>>> Short answer is that yes the data is likely to change again this year to
>>> be US-based, and yes we should expect some surprises for some/all
>>> teams... otherwise where would the fun be?
>>> Some of what you allude to with respect to data issues was part of the
>>> game. For instance, most teams had to fix their software to support
>>> shapefiles larger than 2GB... that's a positive outcome of the game and
>>> not a problem with the process if you ask me. With respect to styling:
>>> some of the requirements (labeling very dense contours) forced some of
>>> the teams to improve their labeling for instance... once again that's
>>> part of the game and benefits to the users in the end.
>>> You should keep in mind that participants are always free to run only a
>>> subset of the tests based on the time and effort they are able to put in
>>> and everybody will respect that. We'd love to see you join, even if you
>>> run only a subset of the tests... and hopefully other MapGuide users and
>>> dev will join you and support your efforts, you will uncover and solve
>>> some issues in the software (like most teams do every year) and the
>>> software and its users will win in the end.
>>> I have CC'd the benchmarking list and would suggest that we continue the
>>> discussion there since others may be able to share their own experience
>>> to help you make your decision.
>>> Daniel
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