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did you get any feedback on this? Are you interested in providing some /
all of that data for a nice benchmark at FOSS4G? If so, please holler on
this list and hopefully the teams will start to move a bit. I am sort of
getting a bit nervous that we will not have a benchmark at all.

We have an offer from Ordnance Survey to help us use their OS OpenSpace.
Michael Smith offered to provide for hardware. So neither tin is a
problem nor lack of data, just people starting to set up their machines.
If you want to participate please read this and add yourself:

Maybe somebody feels like herding cats? Please feel free. Better even,
please feel obliged. Note that I am off grid [0] from 5 to 20 August and
if I don't answer it does by no means mean that I am not interested.

Similar issue with the proposed Desktop Benchmark. Neither gvSIG nor
QGIS seems to be all that keen on doing something. Maybe CadCorp is
interested - as sole competitor they would instantly also be the winner.
Hint hint... :-)


[0] no mail no Internet no nothing

On 28.06.2013 18:47, Bruce, Bob (CWS) wrote:
> Pirmin, I sure wish that I could read German because your report: 
> http://sourcepole.ch/2013/6/17/fossgis-2013-performance-optimised-wms-services-with-qgis-server
looks just like the kind of work that I have been doing lately here in
> Thanks to some help that I got from Michael Smith at FOSS4G-NA in
> Minneapolis, I got the FOSS4G benchmarking stuff working and have
> been comparing the performance of several ESRI servers, one Geomedia
> server and a Cubewerx server serving our Manitoba orthophoto imagery.
> Earlier I had done comparisons of image quality and from what I think
> that I am seeing in this report I was seeing similar differences in
> imagery. Some images returned by WMS requests are very grainy and
> imprecise and some are sharp and show fine detail.
> My server tests consisted of up to 100 threads each making a request
> every 2.5 and then later every 5 seconds for 20 requests for each
> thread. Some servers failed to return images part of the way through
> the tests, the Cubewerx server managed to get through all of the
> tests.
> I hope to get approval to share my report in a couple of weeks.
> Are there any plans to publish the QGIS server report in English?
> Our imagery is public domain and although not currently available via
> the WWW we could make it available to people who want to send a HDD.
> It is .5m colour orthophotos totalling about 1.4 Tb in size.
> Thanks, Bob Bruce
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