[OSGeo-Board] Infrastructure proposal/assessment - item for tomorrow?

Tyler Mitchell tylermitchell at shaw.ca
Thu Aug 3 12:08:23 PDT 2006

Re: the proposal...
> http://wiki.osgeo.org/index.php/Infrastructure_Proposal

Three things that I think you need to discuss and, hopefully, decide  
1) Timing urgency for moving/setting up each infrastructure component  
to a new platform
2) Tasking specific individuals/groups with responsibility for making  
it happen
3) Budget availability for setting up/administering new infrastructure

Without any of these, nothing can be realistically expected to move  
forward.  I'm keen to help wherever I can.

Hope this helps,

On 3-Aug-06, at 11:14 AM, Jo Walsh wrote:

> dear all,
> I added an item to the agenda for tomorrow - a discussion / sanity
> check of this assessment of OSGeo's infrastructure needs that Tyler
> and I started putting together over the last few days:
> http://wiki.osgeo.org/index.php/Infrastructure_Proposal
> This is a response to what Gary has been calling for a while - a
> definite outline of what project needs are and what tools are strongly
> preferred, with a potential hosting and support option at the OSU Open
> Source Lab which is really appealing - http://osuosl.org/
> Feedback apprec;  look forward to talking tomorrow

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