[OSGeo-Board] Some whining from the outside

Frank Warmerdam warmerdam at pobox.com
Sat Aug 12 08:14:53 PDT 2006

On 8/11/06, Michael P. Gerlek <mpg at lizardtech.com> wrote:
> - What is the status of our budget?  And what is the state of OSGeo's
> finances?  (How much do we actually have?  Is it "our" money, or is it
> still Autodesk's?)


As noted, the budget is approved essentially in the form discussed
at the F2F.

> - What is the status of getting an Eexecutive Director?  Several weeks
> ago at the F2F some consensus was reached, and some candidate names were
> mentioned, but we have not seen any action on this.

Hopefully underway.  Input on the "job requirements" welcome.

> - What is the status of doing a binary stack?  Again, this was discussed
> at the F2F but I'm not sure what action has been taken.

No progress to speak of.  I have created a wiki page touching
on some of my ideas. I have also been looking into getting some
funding  for work on it.  I have also talked to a few folks who might
work on it.  But essentially no real progress on any of these fronts.
While tempted, I have avoided trying to launch and lead a project to
do this on a mostly volunteer basis.

> - What is the process for approving a move to the new Drupal-based site
> Jo and Tyler are working on?  It appears to be the right move, and
> people are putting time and effort into it as we speak, but I'm not sure
> this has been "blessed" yet.  What needs to be done?

I think the best approach would be for webcom to help work out
details of a transition and then bring a plan forward to the board
for this.  In the meantime working on transitioning all www.osgeo.org
content to the new site.

Note that manpower for webcom/website activity is limited so I'm
concerned we will just stall all other content creation to work on
a transition, but that may still be the right thing to do.

> - It appears that the board only posts minutes to the Wiki, but no real
> summary of what is transpiring (not everyone reads the Wiki updates or
> watches IRC or subscribes to the board list, for example)  This gives
> the appearance of either inactivity or behind-the-curtain activity,
> neither of which are desirable.

We certainly are not going out of our way to publicise board decisions
and activities.

> - Did we ever formally announce when the next board will be elected?  At
> least one person has (privately) suggested the current board is not
> optimal anymore.

I don't think we have made any announcement.  I think the approach
would be update the FAQ on the public web site, and to send an
announcement to the discuss and/or announce list.

> I think that the immediate hiring of an Executive Director would do
> three important things:
>   - show our members that we are moving confidently forward
>   - provide a mechanism for the board's agreed-to high-level goals and
>     wishes to be acted on
>   - provide a mechanism for the foundation's lesser goals and everyday
> needs
>     to be acted on swiftly


Note, I do not see an ED as a benevolent dictator at all.
Ultimately the board and committees need to have
authority in their area of responsibility.  But the ED also
needs to have latitude to get things done.

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