[OSGeo-Board] Spending Approvals, Money, etc

Arnulf Christl (CCGIS) arnulf.christl at ccgis.de
Wed Aug 23 14:02:38 PDT 2006

On Wed, August 23, 2006 22:43, Gary Lang wrote:
> Good. We're still within budget.

Oh, I am so slow to catch on. This was what all the budget talk was about.

I was just thinking the other way round and saying once we *have* the
money (after FunCom got active) we can spend it. To me all this budget
talk did not make sense until we have the cash sitting on the account.
Maybe I am wrong about this.

But then we know what OSGeo needs, 500k for one year. Thats 125k for the
next three months and that also buys you (Adsk) into a nice and cozy
environment for MapGuide. I begged Tyler to send you the plan regarding
50k for administration of the website by OSUOSL which will be the starter
of that environment.


> Laura, pls work with Ken to mae sure this is covered. May I assume that
> shirts were recommended by Viscom or someone else as well?
> All, I would still like to see a budget for the next 3 months. I don't
> want to be the driver here. Will I find this on the Wiki? If not the next
> board meeting will hopefully draw one up.
> Of particular interest to me are the infrastructure budgeting plans. If
> OSGeo cannot build one then the MapGuide project will have to build one on
> its own. That will obviously reduce the funds I have for OSGeo sponsorship
> which would pain mepersonally after all of the effort I've put into it.
> But like I keep saying, our number one duty is to do good work for our
> projects.
> Gary
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> On Wed, August 23, 2006 20:16, Gary Lang wrote:
>> And in case I wasn't clear, OSGeo is not comprised of children. So let's
>> not use child rearing techniques to manage the business of OSGeo.
> :-)
> In near future VisCom needs:
> $500 for shirts to go to Asia (last mail by Venka, prob. all giveaways,
> I'd suggest to have Venka make good use of any leftovers)
> $500 for shirts at the FOSS4G (maybe people will pay / cash? i'll be
> sitting in the booth and can collect it..:-) Real(!) cool would be to have
> one shirt  for every conference registrant. But thats more than $500,-.
> I'd be prepared to suggest this to VisCom as a good investment but I do
> not because from all that I know OSGeo does not have any money to do this.
> Thoughts?
> $100 for shirts at EuroOSCON (booth staff, if OSGeo doesn't get it done I
> will)
> Booth equipment, infrastructure at both EU events are taken care of by
> Tina Mena, Autodesk. Thanks a lot. Autodesk will be displayed on the
> booth, so attribution is in place. There will be no additional expenses
> (afaik) to OSGeo VisCom by operating the booth.
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>> So OSGeo doesn't think it's been spending it's own money? That's news to
>> me.
> Its basically what Markus is asking: How much money is there on the OSGeo
> account? From what I can see nothing, so OSGeo can also spend nothing.
> Hence Franks 6k suggestions (cool, thanks for the initiative). And as it
> is we (All of OSGeo) are indebted a lot to Autodesk.
>> Certainly children need to experience the physical sensation of holding
>> money in their hands to understand its worth.
> So yes sometimes it does fell a little like OSGeo "...needs to experience
> the physical sensation of holding money..." in a bank account. :-) Ideally
> we get sponsoring going real soon and have some money of "our own".
> Regards, Arnulf.
>> At any rate, I'd like to know what the budget is I'd be sponsoring
>> activities for so that I can go to finance and explain why we should
>> donate the money. If it's within my quarterized budget, they'll
>> approve.A
>> list of activities should do it.
>> So we need a budgeted amount. Maybe something from Jo on the OSU stuff,
>> hosting for the site, travel to FOSS4G, etc.
>> And it won't be a loan, which means it really will be OSGeo's money.
>> Gary
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>> Gary Lang wrote:
>>> Rather than do that, let's just look at the budget and whoever eants to
>>> (us included) can deposit money based on cash flow expectations.
>> Gary,
>> Well, I'd assume anyone else, ads

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