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Frank Warmerdam warmerdam at pobox.com
Thu Aug 24 08:52:09 PDT 2006

Gary Lang wrote:
> is my situation. Otherwise I'd change status for ED hiring to 'Process 
> for ED Hiring'. Also, if someone would send me a link to the current job 
> description, I'd appreciate it.



I think that is all we have for job description.

> On the code contract item: it's Thursday, I saw no link (ways pending) 
> and so I doubt we are going to approve such an item with less than a day 
> to review such a thing with real lawyers. If the word 'contract' is not 
> to be taken literally then I guess we'll see what Frank is talking about.


This item came up with the Geotools folks, with regard to what sort of
guarantee we (OSGeo) will give that the Geotools PSC will be given
control over geotools code for which the copyright is assigned to OSGeo.

I doubt we will want to have an actual (literal) contract.  Instead my
thinking was that the board would approve a "statement of principle"
regarding to PSC's being given control over project code decisions in
all but the most exceptional situations.  I wonder if this might even
be something we wish to include in the Bylaws when we eventually revisit

> I've done nothing on ED myself except ask the first candidate for the 
> job description link for which I've received dead air. Is he on vacation?

OK, no problem.   That is a sufficient status report to cover this item off
I think.  The candidate is around this week.  Perhaps there was some

Since we are left with only discussions of the face to face meeting for
the meeting tomorrow, I would like to defer it one week.   I'll adjust the
wiki appropriately to reference September 1st as the next meeting.

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