[VisCom] RE: [OSGeo-Board] RE: [Fundraising] OSGeo "Donate" Buttons

Frank Warmerdam warmerdam at pobox.com
Fri Aug 25 17:14:39 PDT 2006

Jason Birch wrote:
> OK, sounds like shirt-memberships would be better-handled through a
> CafePress link to a specific product.
> So to start, does anyone have any objections to me setting up a single
> Supporting Member "Buy Now" button with a value of $50?
> For donations, should I wait until I find out whether we need to issue
> receipts?  Is a supporting membership considered a donation?


It is my opinion that we should hold off on the "Supporting member"
shirts till such time as we have a web application to collect memberships.
Then we can have folks go through the membership application and then give
them the option to do the shirt thing and we can manually relate the purchase
with their membership record and set a "supporting member" bit.

I would also like to think that a supporting membership should be considered
a charitable donation and should include a tax receipt.  Since we don't know
how to do that, we might want to wait a bit till the details are worked out.

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