Fw: Re: [OSGeo-Edu] Certification of Gary's course

Jo Walsh jo at frot.org
Sun Aug 27 16:38:20 PDT 2006

----- Forwarded message from "Pericles S. Nacionales" <naci0002 at umn.edu> -----

[this edu conversation is about people donating peer reviewed CC licensed
tutorial material to OSGeo in return for being able to promote that
material as 'OSGeo approved']

> One important question, do we (the education committee) have a say in 
> approving the use of OSGeo logo or is this something that requires the 
> board's approval?

+1 on delegating to EduCom the right to be trusted to allocate the
OSGeo logo to material that its members approve of. 

+1 on giving HyperVisCom the right to arbitrate any logo decisions and
only punt ones to the Board/ED that are really grey areas (in which
case the answer is probably 'no' anyway?) 


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