[Board] New Board Nominees

Dave McIlhagga dmcilhagga at dmsolutions.ca
Mon Jul 9 10:14:29 PDT 2007

Given that the Board acts primarily on behalf of the Charter Members,  
and only charter members vote for the board, restricting board  
nominations to coming from Charter members seems reasonable to me.


On 9-Jul-07, at 12:30 PM, Frank Warmerdam wrote:

> Tyler Mitchell (OSGeo) wrote:
>> One quick question...
>> Our bylaws are not clear on who can nominate new board members.   
>> It is clear that only charter members can vote on them and that  
>> nominees must come from the current charter membership.
>> It seems to be clear for nominating charter members, but nothing  
>> is discussed regarding the board, according to the bylaws:
>> "...to be eligible for membership, a person must be nominated by  
>> an existing member of the corporation..."
>> This was an oversight of mine during the last round of nominations  
>> (though I'm not sure we really wanted that anyway).
>> Is it your understanding that we should allow only charter members  
>> to submit nominations or would you like to see it opened to the  
>> general public?
>>  From my reading of the bylaws and my personal opinion, I think it  
>> is reasonable to keep it closed to the charter membership to  
>> submit nominations  - since board nominees can be seen as a step  
>> of recognition by their charter member peers.
> Tyler,
> Oddly, I would have been inclined to take the opposite  
> interpretation and
> allow anyone to nominate since we haven't been specific, but there  
> is no
> significant harm in restricting nominating to charter members and such
> interpretation is well within your scope as CRO (IMHO).
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