[Board] Re: Random selection of board members tobe replaced/re-elected

Frank Warmerdam warmerdam at pobox.com
Thu Jul 12 23:09:40 PDT 2007

Mark and Gary,

First I'd like to stress that as board mailing list administrator, I'm
not going to let you unsubscribe!  That is, while you may not need to
attend board conference calls after the new board members are elected, I
hope you will continue to act in an advisory role on the mailing list
and in person as needed.


I want to let you know what an important personal influence you have
been on me.  Your act of faith in launching remotesensing.org roughly
seven years ago really awakened me to the potential for a broad
community and my eagerness to be a member of such a thing.  I have also
been very impressed with your continuity of focus on OSSIM through several
corporate roles and your passion for the role open source can have in the
government sector.

I think your efforts with OTD and the related conference are fundamental to
what we are trying to do, and I hope that whether on the board or not, you
will call on us for any sort of support we can provide.


I've been committed to open source for some time, but I'm not naturally
really much of a risk taker.  I owe you a debt for helping me (us!)
focus on desired  outcomes, and charging towards them.  I have also been
affected by the way you recognized that there was real synergy in working
as a community and cooperatively even if it required moving a bit out of
my comfort zone.

In the long term I think we can all look back and see that you were the
special person that took us all from the vague sense that we should being
doing more, to the the galvanized effort that was the launch of OSGeo.

Best regards,
I set the clouds in motion - turn up   | Frank Warmerdam, warmerdam at pobox.com
light and sound - activate the windows | http://pobox.com/~warmerdam
and watch the world go round - Rush    | President OSGeo, http://osgeo.org

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