[Board] Board Meeting Friday?

Frank Warmerdam warmerdam at pobox.com
Wed Apr 2 07:35:13 PDT 2008


I have tentatively scheduled a board meeting for this Friday per our "first
friday of the month" rule of thumb.


I don't really have any new agenda items for this meeting.  Other board
members are encouraged to add any that apply.

Tyler, what is the 2007 annual report status?

Paul, is there a FOSS4G 2008 budget approved by the Finance committee,
and ready for board approval?

I would be happy to put this meeting off a week or two if it will align
better with approving a FOSS4G 2008 budget.

I am interested in authorizing and setting a timetable for this years
elections at this meeting.  I would add that while I'm interested in standing
for board elections, I would like to turn over the President role (assuming
I'm re-elected) to bring some fresh blood to the role.  Mostly it has
involved chairing the board meetings, though someone new might grow the
role somewhat.

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