[Board] Take 2 - Incorporation of Aust-NZ chapter of OSGeo

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Dear OSGeo Board members,

We are in the process of incorporating the Aust-NZ Chapter of OSGeo as a 
not for profit organisation in Australia.

We're aiming to vote for the position of director in this organisation 
at the end of the week.

We'd like to nominate a 'trusted' person to receive and collate the 
votes and pass the results back to the Aust-NZ list.

Would one of you like to volunteer for this role?

Tyler was to undertake the role but has had to regretfully withdraw.

Details of the current proposal is below.

Bruce Bannerman

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	[Aust-NZ] Take 2 -  Incorporation of Aust-NZ chapter of OSGeo


Well, we've had four or five days, with no real alternate suggestions on
how to proceed with the incorporation of the Aust-NZ chapter of OSGeo as
a not for profit organisation.

Therefore I think that we should proceed along these lines
(incorporating suggestions from our previous attempt). All timings are
Australian Eastern Standard time:

_NZ Involvement_

- NZ involvement in the executive of the new organisation is a
prerequisite. Therefore if we find that the proposal to incorporate in
WA does not allow this, then we should adopt the ASIC structure that
does. To meet ASIC requirements, we will need at least 3 Australians on
the board. See:





- Reopen nominations for the position of Director of the new 'not for
profit' organisation. A suggestion from Cameron is that we allow
self-nomination to cater for a situation where a person believes that
they can commit time and are able to undertake the role.

- There is no need to re-nominate those who were nominated last week.
They will be accepted as nominations for this vote.

- Nominations will need to be made in public and posted to
Aust-NZ at lists.osgeo.org to be considered valid.

- Nominations close Thursday 10 April 2008 at 5pm.

- Nominees accept or decline the nomination by Thursday 10 April 2008 at
5pm. If no email is received on Aust-NZ at lists.osgeo.org by 5pm it is
assumed that the nominees have accepted the nomination.

- Nominees who accept the nomination post a 'brief' introduction of
themselves and say a few words about their background, FOSS
qualifications, and ideas for the project. This can also be done by
5pm on the 10th April.

Cameron, can you please post the URL to the FOSS4G-2009 wiki that
contains the bios of a number of the current nominees.

- email summarising nominations and voting process sent out after 5pm on
the 10th April.


- We are voting for five directors of the to be established
not-for-profit organisation 'Open Source GeoSpatial Foundation -

- Each member of the Aust-NZ at lists.osgeo.org is eligible to vote.

- Voting is open from 8am on Friday 11th April.

- Voting closes at 5pm Tuesday 15 April.

- The vote is a private vote as per OSGeo precedence.

- We vote for our preferred candidates by placing a +1 next to their
name. Only 5 candidates will need to be numbered.

- We each send our vote to a single trusted person to tally the results.
This person is Tyler Mitchell, Executive Director of the Open Source
Geospatial Foundation. Tyler has kindly accepted this role.

- Final say of what is an invalid vote rests with Tyler.

- The five people with the most number of votes make up the new board
(bearing in mind ASIC requirements).

- The new board can use the preference results to help allocate office
holders once the elections have been completed.

- Actual voting instructions will be sent out on Thursday 10th April.

Nominations for additional candidates are now open.

Bruce Bannerman

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