[Board] "Cascadia" chapter formation

Aaron Racicot aaronr at z-pulley.com
Tue Nov 18 23:14:07 PST 2008

OSGeo Board,

The Cascadia Chapter of OSGeo would like to request official recognition
from the board.  As stated in the "how to form a local chapter" wiki page:

""OSGeo Chapter" should submit an official expression of interest to form a
chapter to the OSGeo board, listing initial members, mission, representative
and other supporting information."

We are maintaining a Wiki page for the Cascadia group at:

- 3 founding members (Aaron Racicot, Michael Gerlek, Josh Livni)
- 100 Currently on the mailing list

- Articulated in the Wiki page

- Aaron Racicot (aaronr at z-pulley.com) (Charter Member of OSGeo)

This chapter is based on the existing Cascadia Users of Geospatial Open
Source (CUGOS) group (Founded Feb 2007):

Please feel free to contact me directly with any issues or questions.

Aaron Racicot

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