September 3rd, 15:00:00 UTC (was: Re: [Board] Meeting this week)

Arnulf Christl (OSGeo) arnulf at
Wed Sep 2 23:54:22 PDT 2009

Tyler Mitchell (OSGeo) schrieb:
> Hi all,
> I heard briefly from Arnulf this week, but he is suffering with an
> illness and most offline, so I thought I'd start the thread.  Is there
> anything needing to be discussed this month by the board?  Any urgent
> items that you see should be on a meeting agenda?
> Just in case...
> Tyler

thanks for taking this up. There is no Board Meeting page yet (I missed
out on preparing it last time) so no chance to look at the agenda
because there is no agenda.

I want to suggest that we have a meeting on IRC anyway - those who can
make it on this short notice. Here are the time and date:

There is a lot to read up on.

One is the ARRA / Broadband initiative. There has been quite a flurry of
activity. Additionally I can still sense an uncertainty wrt to the role
of OSGeo "in general" and there seems to be an expectancy that "the
Board" should produce a clearer statement.

You might want to read the IRC backlog. I found this [1] maybe there is
more. Also read the current status of our letter [2].

Please also read the update from Tyler [3].

I have as yet no FOSS4G contract draft to work from, so hopefully no
need for a telephone conference, quorum, etc..

Best regards,


Arnulf Christl
OSGeo President

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