[Board] Re: Request for formal incorporation of OSGeo-Africa

Tyler Mitchell (OSGeo) tmitchell at osgeo.org
Thu Mar 4 08:33:25 PST 2010

Following on this thread, the other directors in a board meeting today
agreed with you and Frank that more clarification is needed.  In
particular, having more than one country represented for a continental
chapter is important.  Have you considered a South Africa chapter in the


Tim Sutton wrote:
> Hi
> On 03/03/2010 22:55, Frank Warmerdam wrote:
>> Tyler Mitchell (OSGeo) wrote:
>>> Dear board, Tim is making a request to become 'official' as a local
>>> Africa chapter. Their wiki page is:
>>> http://wiki.osgeo.org/wiki/Africa
>>> And this will help them during their forming of a local chapter
>>> supported event. Can we vote on this at tomorrow's meeting?
>> Tim, Gavin and others,
>> My primary concern with the OSGeo Africa chapter is it's area
>> of responsibility. It seems to me that having it be a branch of
>> GISSA implies that it is really a South African OSGeo chapter.
> I need to discuss this with Gavin a little offline and then get back to
> you, but this is my concern too - I am after *African* representation
> rather than South African representation - until such time as subregions
> emerge more strongly it is important that we appear inclusive to the
> entire region. The AFOSSGIS annual events will provide a forum / AGM
> whereby a chair can be elected annually - I'm not after a president for
> life post here, just wanting to get some momentum going.
> It leaves the issue of NGO incorporation but I think it makes sense to
> first have charter as an official chapter and then start looking at that.
> That said, let me chat to Gav tomorrow (and others interested please
> chime in!) and see if there is a compelling case for us to remain under
> the GISSA wing. I will get back to you after that.
>> Can you update the chapter page to discuss the territorial ambit
>> of the chapter, and how you can ensure broad participation from
>> across the region?
> Yes will do. The osgeo-africa mailing list has already got a fairly
> broad subsriber base from across the continent.
>> Best regards,
> Regards
> Tim

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