[Board] Board Panel at the AGM

Jeff McKenna jmckenna at gatewaygeomatics.com
Sat Sep 4 00:31:43 PDT 2010

On 10-08-30 9:54 PM, Tyler Mitchell (OSGeo) wrote:
> Hi guys, I've been thinking about how to plan the AGM to fit into our
> smaller spot this year and have boiled it down to three key areas:
> * executive reports - Arnulf and I can go over some basic stats,
> updates, vision ideas, general stuff
> * summer of code report - I think this is broad enough that it is
> interesting to everyone and may help to get more mentors/students next year
> * panel discussion with board - this is also a great time to have the
> membership put a face to each director (past and current). It'd be very
> valuable (at least to me!) have each of you comment on future vision for
> OSGeo or on current challenges we/you are facing. Of course this can be
> open Q&A as well, so it's not just all about the board :) But having you
> up there will really help.
> I dropped local chapter and committee reports as I just don't think
> we'll have enough time to do them. And if one person gets to present on
> theirs then others want to as well and it can balloon out of control.
> Does that sound like fun for you?

Hi Tyler,

Here's my thoughts on a possible schedule (sorry if it conflicts with 
yours, just giving some feedback, maybe we can combine them somehow) :

1) Executive report (president, director)
    - include current financial status and next year's budget, as well 
as current membership numbers (by country possibly?)

2) Local Chapter Reports

3) Open Discussion on the Future of OSGeo
    - possibly set specific goals, as a group

Items 2 and 3 are very important in our current OSGeo.  As for a 
'limited' timeslot - the session can run longer, the only thing 
scheduled for after the AGM that night that I know of is a Benchmarking 

I arrive in Barcelona today if you wish to discuss this in person.


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