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Tyler Mitchell tmitchell.osgeo at shaw.ca
Sat Sep 4 09:38:10 PDT 2010

> 1) Executive report (president, director)
>     - include current financial status and next 
> year's budget, as well 
> as current membership numbers (by country possibly?)

We don't have hard finalised numbers but I can give a picture of our sponsorship and FOSS4G income status from the past year.

> 2) Local Chapter Reports

It's just getting impossible to give everyone who might want it enough time.  If you want to do an overview presentation that'd be okay, but as you can see no one else was signed up on the wiki for a local chapter talk, so I think it's too late and will then cut into the discussion time on #3.  If you really really really want it - then I'll give you 10 minutes to use as you wish but who knows who will want to talk and it will certainly shorten the open discussion that I think many appreciate more.  The tight timeslot didn't help, and I'm not certain how late we can stay there... just thought of that...

> 3) Open Discussion on the Future of OSGeo
>     - possibly set specific goals, as a group

That's the point of the panel discussion stuff too... to have discussions amongst members.  But having the panel there makes it so if there are no questions I can at least ask for opinions.

The summer of code item I put in should be of interest to the broader group and is only Anne presenting so it's easy to coordinate.  I thought testing out a few 'invited' talks like that would be a good experiment for future AGM coordination.

Thanks for the thoughts,

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