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On 09/12/2010 03:20 AM, Venkatesh Raghavan wrote:
> Hi Ari and All
> On 2010/09/12 9:31, Ari Jolma wrote:
> ...
>> I also support the idea of EduSprints or similar OSGeo - Academia events
>> or focused projects. My observation is that the OSGeo board is strongly
>> in favor of such initiatives and is interested in making them happen in
>> such a way that OSGeo, OSGeo projects and the academic community
>> benefit. I (really) don't see them as revenue generators, but more as
>> tools to get foss4g used more in Academia and to get talented people
>> work on foss4g. I think we should simply organize a EduSprint in the
>> next foss4g conference or in other appropriate occasion.
> Just to clarify that I was not considering EduSprint as
> revenue generators. However, I think publishing books
> under the OSGeo brand could generate some revenue for
> OSGeo. Certification could be another way.
> Maintaining Educatinal Services (updating contents, managing
> online contents etc.) would require something more than
> just volunteer efforts. If we come up with some kind of
> university consortia, maybe we could think of some membership
> fee for member universities that would wish to base their
> training and lectures based on the learning resources developed
> by the consortium.
> Best
> Venka

Thanks Venka!

Board, more on membership. This is great idea for value that 
universities can get out of their membership.


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