[Board] Funding for IslandWood sprint?

Michael P. Gerlek mpg at flaxen.com
Wed Aug 24 08:25:06 PDT 2011

Dear Board (and lurkers):

First, let me say I'm excited (and more than a little humbled) to be joining
the board and look forward to Denver where I'll get to meet you all...

That said, I'd like to inquire about the possibility of having OSGeo
"underwrite" the cost of the proposed IslandWood code sprint (details here:
http://wiki.osgeo.org/wiki/IslandWood_Code_Sprint_2011).  The cost of the
event, with a 30 person projected attendance, is US$24,000.  Registration is
$525 per person, which includes all lodging and meals.

To date, I have raised almost $12K, with a good mix of both registrations
and sponsorships, which is enough to cover the needed deposit.  However,
I've not been able to collect more than that this far in advance of the
event.  I'm reasonably confident that in a few months people will start to
say "hey, of course I'm coming!" and will start sending in monies.   But not
personally confident enough that I can afford the risk of being personally
liable for $12K.

At this point, every additional registration will reduce the net remaining
amount, so ~20 people would cover it.  Would OSGeo be willing to agree to
cover any shortage that occurs?  I don't know what OSGeo's finances look
like right now, and I don't know what the board's position on things like
this have been in the past, but it never hurts to ask.

Thoughts? Comments? Discussions?


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