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Arnulf Christl seven at
Tue Aug 30 16:31:29 PDT 2011

we will have a regular meeting on Thursday if at all possible, please. The better we prepare for our f2f the more we will get done and the more fun it will be. I am still hobbling around with 64k but hope to be better connected on Thursday. 

Please check the open Ation items from last meeting. 

Frank, Daniel, 
you were adamant about having objectives but not plans when we talked about a 'business plan' for OSGeo but never explained what you meant by that. Feel free to elaborate. 

Another open source for ideas: All potential directors had specific 'Candidate Thoughts', they should be a perfect mine for our future objectives, so please go through them again and pick the best for our list. This also goes to the whole community, your chance to voice your wishes.

Sounds like homework? It is.

Sorry to be blunt, must be the Vodka in addition to this annoying smartphone 'keyboard' with German spelling and the fact that I have to lean out the window to get connectivity. This is advanced board work... 


Cheers, 7

Seven (aka Arnulf)

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Hello Board,

I was under the assumption that the September meeting would be the 
planned face-to-face in Denver on the Sunday after the event (18th 
Sept); however it seems that some members assumed that we would be 
having our IRC meeting as usual this Thursday.  Can someone clarify?



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