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Ari Jolma ari.jolma at gmail.com
Thu Dec 8 05:23:03 PST 2011

Jo, others,

I read the article as it caught my eye (*apache* harmful??). The title 
is misleading as it is mostly about a perceived problem in how the 
apache *foundation* works - which does much more than apache the web server.

I think the very basic thinking behind the article is sound - there is 
always a new generation and it will have its own way of working. The 
trick is how to get it involved and work together with the old folks. I 
also agree that some of the technical support role that a foundation 
such as ours has is not so central - but the people operating it and 
their willingness are very crucial. I personally am very interested in 
Git and the advantages it can bring - but still the meritocratic 
principle and the benefits of having a single well-maintained source 
tree have not disappeared suddenly. AFAIK, Git was developed for Linux 
kernel development and the article is exaggerating its role as a new 
revolutional tool. I believe one of OSGeo's flagships (QGIS) has changed 
to Git and I haven't heard of anything negative - in fact I would be 
interested to hear more about their experience.



On 12/05/2011 11:07 PM, Jo Cook wrote:
> Hi All,
> I guess that most people caught this article a couple of weeks ago: 
> http://www.mikealrogers.com/posts/apache-considered-harmful.html
> It got me wondering about the way that foundations need to change with 
> time, and whether we should be taking on board any of it with regards 
> to OSGeo. Disclaimer- I'm not asking because I think we're going down 
> the same lines, I'm genuinely just using the article as a springboard 
> for discussion.
> My two pence worth- the point about lowering of barriers to entry is 
> an interesting one. Projects don't necessarily need someone big  to 
> provide infrastructure these days, they can do it in an adhoc way- so 
> in that world, what does OSGeo do for the projects? What should we be 
> doing?
> I think we have a wider remit in some ways- in that we're trying to 
> provide educational materials and foster local chapters- I don't 
> imagine Apache does a lot of that these days!
> Anyhow, just wondering out loud really- further thoughts appreciated!
> All the best
> Jo
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