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On 08.12.2011 20:22, Michael P. Gerlek wrote:
> Please send me your votes on these motions from today:
> 1.  approve last meeting minutes (1/Frank, 2/Daniel, all +1)

> 2.  incubate GeoMoose w/ JodyG as mentor (1/Frank, 2/Jeff, all +1)

> 3.  incubate Rasdaman (1/Frank, 2/mpg, all +1)

> 4.  motion to approve NA chapter - MarkL/1, Jo/2 (mpg -1, Frank -1,
> Jeff +0, Daniel +0, Jo +0, Mark +1, Arnulf 0, Peter +0, Tim +0)

Note: I am open for any new Local Chapter activities and happy to
support their formation (so +1). The NA chapter is still emerging and
there seems to be some uncertainty as to how it will be structured or
what exactly it's charter will be. There are some good discussions going
on but I fail to see the urgent need to officially formalize it.

I fully support putting on an NA FOSS4G conference and will also support
that OSGeo officially endorse it. We do not need an official NA chapter
to do that. Whether there will be seed funding and a return to OSGeo if
successful can be discussed - we are practically already right in this
discussion. I also support the idea to let GITA run with it in the way
they think is suitable and focus on the content and program. And if you
make an intro day similar to "wading into FOSS" in Denver I would even
consider coming over and helping out - to me that was one of the best
focused outreach events to newcomers we ever did.

> 5.  motion to pay Jeff to fly out to Beijing and report back on their
> readiness, staffing, plans, etc -- at travel costs, plus 4d at
> $640US/d (mpg/1, pmbatty/2, all +1)

...but support this motion with a +1.

> 6.  motion to close meeting (Frank/1, Mark/2, all +1)

> -mpg
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