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Hi All,

A weekend would be better for me, and in terms of booking flights from the
UK it would be good to get a date asap so I can get the best deal. It's
looking like around £550 return at the moment for flights in January,
including my train ticket to get down to Heathrow, according to dear old



On Mon, Dec 12, 2011 at 8:06 PM, Michael P. Gerlek <mpg at flaxen.com> wrote:

> Scheduling it over a weekend would be fine with me, I sure we could
> arrange something.
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> On Mon, Dec 12, 2011 at 11:17 AM, Michael P. Gerlek <mpg at flaxen.com>
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> > Having voted down Mark's motion, I feel we need to quickly provide the
> support and backing required to resolve the question of the NA chapter and
> conference.  And I continue to think a f2f meeting of the board, as
> discussed at our meeting in Denver, would resolve this and some of the
> other long-term issues we have.
> Michael,
> Somewhat like Daniel, I think the NA chapter community needs to gel a bit
> and self-clarify before it is approved as a chapter.  I don't see that the
> board has a large role in this.
> There is certainly an outstanding question whether we want a NA conference
> to be an act of OSGeo global or a more locally organized event and to some
> extent this is something the board needs to decide.
> I'm personally in favor of it organizing locally rather than being a
> direct act of the board or conference committee.
> > I propose two days during the week of January 23rd, using a hotel at the
> Seattle airport as the venue.
> I'm afraid I do not have any vacation days available for such a meeting,
> and if I did, I'd be holding them for vacationing with my children.
> I still feel we haven't exhausted less demanding means of working through
> some issues and I suspect some issues are not going to ever achieve a
> strong consensus.
> I know some board members feel we need to dig deep and come up with a
> common understanding of where OSGeo is going.  I don't actually feel this
> is necessary and to a large extent I feel that OSGeo will be the sum of
> what it's devotees make it by pursuering their passions.
> That said, I would like us to consider where we can apply the modest
> capacity of the foundation (primarily finanical) to support efforts that
> are of particular strategic value.
> For me, three forks along this line that might be useful are:
> 1) Providing support for folks to speak on behalf of the foundation at
> events of various kinds.  Roughly this is the ambassadorial role.  We are
> certainly dependent on volunteers to actually fill this sort of role
> effectively.
> 2) Providing support for marketing efforts.  Mostly I see this as funding
> production and provision of materials including flyers, live DVDs and such
> for chapters to offer.
> This would be under the administration of the marketting committee.
> 3) Direct support of packaging the OSGeo suite for strategic platforms.
>  To me the best leverage for this is the OSGeo4W package and I would love
> to see something similar for the Mac.  I would like to be able to provide
> modest financial support for a paid integrator/tester/packager/documenter
> to push OSGeo4W forward.
> Best regards,
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