[Board] OSGeo Opportunity with Location Intelligence

Michael P. Gerlek mpg at flaxen.com
Wed Dec 21 12:18:26 PST 2011

+1 from me, but I don't have the time/budget to coordinate it myself.  Maybe we could get the geo-BI/analytics types (Geokettle, SpagoBI) to get on it?




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Hi everyone,


I've been in touch recently with Joe Francica from Directions Magazine over the past few weeks about the possibility of having some dedicated time slots for OSGeo and open source geospatial in general at the Location Intelligence conference next May:




The focus is very much business-centric - and provides a great opportunity to reach out into both the business intelligence and other enterprise technology worlds - places where open source geospatial have made significant progress if you look under the software hood, but in an invisible form from a marketing perspective. I know I can provide an arm's length of significant organizations adopting open source geospatial technologies - but no one is publicly talking about it. I see this as a great opportunity to bring some of those stories out in the open as models for others, and to forge key relationships with like-minded people.


I've spoken to a few people individually about this - but have not been able to get anyone to take a lead on this. I would, but the event coincides closely with another business event that is our top corporate priority for the year, so I will be all-consumed in that.


Before letting this opportunity pass -- I wanted to pass this along to the board, as I think there is an important strategic opportunity for OSGeo that would be missed if no one takes this up.


Joe has offered to make available a full session dedicated to the business of open source - business models, solutions for collective advertising and marketing, and the integration with proprietary software. One component of this is "power panels" that could focus on key areas of location technology. All it takes is someone to coordinate, and it would be especially useful if it could be done under the OSGeo brand.


Time could also be made available for a track of presentations if there is sufficient interest and speakers available to present.



Joe and Steve Read who is assisting Joe on the program planning are cc'd here, and available to answer any questions you might have about participation.





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