[Board] Charter members and directors elections

Seven (aka Arnulf) seven at arnulf.us
Sun Jul 17 14:37:14 PDT 2011

On 07/15/2011 03:25 PM, Jeff McKenna wrote:
>> How many new charter members do we want to add this year? Stick with 10%
>> (11 new members) or go for more?
> I like sticking to the 10% number.

As last year I would like to suggest to extend this number and allow for
more new charter members. I can not see the danger of any 'evil force'
taking over OSGeo and it means a lot to people to be part of the game
right at the heart of things. At the same time we are expanding globally
and we would be well advised to get more people on board who are not
necessarily all white, north American / European male middle agers as
us. Now, if all the board is of that same group it will be harder to get
diversified. I suggest to elect up to 35 new members (one third). If
there are less than those let them all in.

>> Also, does anyone have a strong objection to pushing the new charter
>> member election to the fall since time is a bit tight?
> Many community members are talking about elections.  I think it would be
> good to get this started now (no objections here to the timeline in the
> wiki).
> -jeff

Same opinion here, we should go for it now.

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