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One more thing I meant to mention.  I see director and charter member elections is on the agenda.  One item related that I think we should pursue is creating a director (and charter member?) orientation/training package - it could just be a few wiki pages.  Some may already exist but I remember being asked for some last time I nominated a director and I didn't have much to give them.  It will be a big help not only to prospective directors, but probably a good exercise in general to go through collectively as roles and responsibilities sometimes change.

We could potentially turn it into a one hour presentation, so any prospective folks could meet with me online in a webinar environment and I could go through it all with them and have Q&A etc.

My two bits,

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> Hi guys, I just realised that I'm not able to meet tomorrow.  I 
> had a couple items on the agenda, but will have to follow up on 
> them via email, below.  
> Tomorrow I'm meeting with various folks from FOSS4G LOC in 
> Denver, including GITA face-to-face for clarifying changes at 
> their end and will be going over a bunch of stuff with Peter, 
> touring the conference venue and more.  I have several 
> interviews lined up to video record for a promo video for FOSS4G 
> while I'm here too.
> Sorry for the last minute notice, can someone else take the 
> minutes and coordinate the skype calls please?  June came a lot 
> faster than I had anticipated, but I have lots to fill you in on 
> after I get through this week!
> Here are the other items I would like to discuss.  
> 1. Paid membership levels - if we could set a suggested level, 
> I'll get the apps in place to make it possible.  I'm thinking 
> $50 minimum, and a second level at $100.  I can work out some 
> kind of thank you gift for both those levels, unless you have 
> some ideas.  It would just be good to get the boards thumbs-up 
> on the levels before I go any further.  Also, we need a name for 
> these special people.  OSGeo Patron or Backer?  I'm sure we can 
> come up with something cool sounding.
> 2. Media Sponsorship - similar to how FOSS4G does it.  I've had 
> one media outlet come asking for an opportunity to become a 
> sponsor for in-kind support.  I explained that I would look into 
> a possibly, but that currently we do not take in-kind support - 
> well, everyone gives in-kind :)  but we don't make them sponsors 
> without cash.  This could be some really great opportunities 
> though - we'd set a rate for a media sponsor, maybe a "Premium" 
> media sponsor too, and they'd give us a certain amount of real 
> advertising.  This could really be useful and with limited perks 
> to them, there isn't much risk/cost from our end (except 
> dilution of sponsor pool, but I'm not sure that's a concern as 
> long as we don't put them up against paying/cash sponsors).  I 
> think we could probably get a couple others to join up as well.  
> Any thoughts on it?
> If you come to a consensus on the above two items, then I can 
> get moving on them pretty quickly.
> And a few updates for you...
> On the sponsorship side, in the past two weeks we've had 3 more 
> associate sponsors renew.  And I'm also following up with 
> several other leads for new sponsors invitations for OSGeo that 
> I've sent out. More to come on that front!
> I've also met with an accountant specialising in US nonprofits.  
> He's fitting us in to go over our books and help do up a federal 
> tax filing in July.  I am also in touch with an attorney from 
> http://softwarefreedom.org/ to get some real help on the 501c3 
> side of things and to just get dialogue going on other potential 
> legal issues.
> Hope that's all useful information.  If there's anything you 
> need, holler and I'll try to look at it tomorrow night.  I'm 
> back in my office Friday night, but will be working on emails 
> while traveling as usual.
> Best wishes and have a good meeting tomorrow.
> Tyler
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> > > Also, I notice that minutes for the previous meeting are not up.
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> > Oops, they are there now Tim - thanks.
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