[Board] The "impartiality" agenda item

Martin Desruisseaux martin.desruisseaux at geomatys.fr
Thu Aug 9 00:29:03 PDT 2012

Right, I forgot that one. While I don't think that "several of the 
lists" is accurate.

Le 09/08/12 15:54, Jody Garnett a écrit :
> It was discussed on several of the lists Martin, in general I am 
> trying to keep discussion in the open.
> Here is a reference from geotools-devel:
>> We asked for OSGeo incubation without success; this gave to Geotk a
>> competitive disadvantage unrelated to the technical merits of each
>> projects. We though that OSGeo could help building a community; the
>> other point of view was that the community shall exist before a project
>> get incubated. Apache is providing us a community, while Geotk could
>> provide them code base. This looks like a win-win relationship for us.
>> This can also be a win for the open source ecosystem, by increasing the
>> spectrum of solutions available to the users. The impact on GeoTools is
>> not necessarily bad, since projects don't have to write everything in
>> the GIS world. GeoTools could delegate some services to projects who
>> invested more in those areas, as you already do with JTS.

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