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Afternoon Cameron: 

We have discussed this one a couple of times; and I am keen to hear any creative ways forward.

One thing I noticed about the eclipse process is that they list an "Ongoing Responsibilities" section in their new project page[1]. It covers such things that matter to that organisation (i.e.  "metadata", legal documentation, naming and version numbering). I think we could adapt this idea for the OSGeo Foundation. Would you like to pursue this conversation on the incubator list? Perhaps we can put together a motion for the board to consider.

I also have a couple of ideas on how we can shake up the incubation process and getting it turning over again. The good news is our last meeting was *very* well attended and we managed to get status updates from all the projects in incubation except one (which I was able to check in with via email).
Jody Garnett
[1] http://wiki.eclipse.org/Development_Resources/HOWTO/Starting_A_New_Project

On Friday, 10 August 2012 at 4:58 AM, Cameron Shorter wrote:

> I know I have questioned the long term effectiveness of an incubation
> committee if it doesn't have periodic follow up.
> For me, I see the business value of incubation in that it demonstrates a 
> level of quality to the market. The comment about "how to we resource a 
> periodic incubation refresh or QA refresh" is very valid. I don't have 
> an easy magic answer for this, but do have some ideas on where to start:
> 1. The OSGeoLive project has a light weight QA process built into it, 
> and a business driver which makes it attractive for projects to 
> participate. QA process is "Verify your application installs and runs on 
> our Ubuntu based DVD, and your docs are up to date". Business value is 
> "If you do your QA process, you will get access to a valuable marketing 
> pipeline". This OSGeoLive process could start to align with the 
> incubation process to address a periodic review of project incubation 
> status.
> 2. There is been discussions over the last year with the Eclipse 
> Foundation and LocationTech, who I understand have developed a business 
> model based around external big companies sponsoring Open Source 
> projects, and including a periodic quality controlled release. I think 
> there is value in investigating this relationship with 
> LocationTech/Eclipse further, or alternatively investigating this 
> business model.
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