[Board] Travel Expenses

Jeff McKenna jmckenna at gatewaygeomatics.com
Wed Aug 29 05:24:39 PDT 2012

Hi Nick,

Just to clarify, here is an example situation:

- an event's organizing committee contacts an OSGeo representative to
speak and attend their event on behalf of OSGeo
- that representative can then respond by saying "yes, great, and please
find the guidelines to using an OSGeo Ambassador at: [wiki page of
- that wiki page would list requirements for the event organizers,
including, as Cameron stated, "expect to cover travel, accommodation and
a daily rate of XXX" for the ambassador

So, I am in fact not proposing to use any OSGeo funds.


On 12-08-29 9:15 AM, nicolas bozon wrote:
> Hi Jeff, Board, All
> I fully agree with Jeff that such an Ambassador role should come along
> with detailed guidelines on how an OSGeo Ambassador would cover his
> expenses when travelling to represent the Foundation. That makes sense,
> for every Ambassador and for every OSGeo related event i think.
> On the orther hand, looking at the number of Ambassadors, and the number
> of geo-confs where OSGeo could/should be represented, may be such
> guidelines would spend all the money in only half a year. Before
> spending what the Foundation has on travelling and food, i'd suggest to
> find new potential incomes, such as sponsors, projects donations,
> foundations and all that.
> Still i think it is a very important topic that Jeff pointed out.
> Best,
> Nick

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