[Board] Marketing/sponsors/...

Jeff McKenna jmckenna at gatewaygeomatics.com
Thu Jan 3 08:14:18 PST 2013

Hello Board and community,

I did debate which mailing list to send this to
(board/discuss/marketing), but let's start here.

I received a message from one of the OSGeo-Japan leaders (Hayashi-san)
pointing to an important recent blog entry from another OSGeo-Japan
leader (Mori-san, CEO of Orkney):

I will try my best to summarize:

- Orkney is a long-time contributor and sponsor for FOSS4G projects
- Mori-san is concerned that only his company is willing to contribute
to OpenLayers3 ("OL3") development in Japan, even though many
organizations will use OL3
- a large federal org (Geospatial Information Authority, GSI, of Japan)
uses OpenLayers2 , but is so far not committed to helping OL3 development
- Hayashi-san thinks sharing examples of other organizations/governments
who support FOSS4G/OSGeo Projects will help OSGeo-JP attract
contributions from local orgs like GSI

Do we have such a page to point to?  (yes this is a marketing issue)
e.g. case studies of organizations helping OSGeo Projects grow

(note that this is needed on my own website, so I don't pretend to be
the marketing expert, but I do realize it is SUPER important)



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