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Bob Basques bbasques at sharedgeo.org
Wed May 8 18:05:54 PDT 2013


I often wondered about why these weren't just all run off at once and shipped out to the different events as needed.  
first come, first serve sort of idea.  Easier to mange too, reserve some amount for pressing, some amount for shipping, 
and that's it for the funding cycle (unless more funding comes along).

When you are to factor in all this charge back handling stuff it starts to get real expensive overhead wise.  Even if 
you went the route of having regional printings, I would bet it would still be cheaper than sending the money out to 
each group and having them press their own items.

I could find a local entity here that might be in a poistion to handle this type of thing. . .

Anyway, just food for thought.


> Hi Cameron,
> I have to admit that you caught me off-guard, the list is more impressive than I thought before reviewing it.  :-)
> I still find that having to deal with funding DVDs for so many events can be an issue. It is not just about processing 
> micro-payments, you also need to collect and archive proofs that the expense you are reimbursing is legitimate (i.e. 
> receipts) for OSGeo's accounting. I have seen how complicated this can be with just the Local chapter starter kits, 
> imagine doing this for ~100 DVD print runs all around the world.

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