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Cameron -

The SWG has discussed and processed the latest technical comments provided with 2 NO votes. They are in the process of discussing changing the name of the candidate standard. The OAB will be discussing the SWG responses to the NO votes as well as some electronic voting ambiguities next Thursday. So, the vote will not reopen until next Friday at the earliest. 

Does this work fir the OSGeo timeline?

If you want some review prior to posting, OGC staff as well as the OAB would be proper OGC fora for such reviews.

In terms of submitting the formal letter, please email to me and I will post to the Discuss list and TC Voter list. This would be in my role as TC Chair as well as one of the official OGC staff liaison with OSGeo.



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The OSGeo Community is currently writing an open letter the the OGC and 
OGC voters, which covers OSGeo community sentiment toward the proposed 
GeoServices REST API standard.

We would like to ensure that OGC voters have had the opportunity to read 
this letter before voting, and would like your advice on what you 
suggest would be the best way to make this happen.

In order to ensure that we have sufficient time to complete and review 
our letter, I'd prefer to deliver our letter no sooner than Tuesday 14 
May 2013, and hence delay starting voting until Wednesday 15 May 2013. 
Is that achievable? If not, can you please tell us at what time voting 
will be open again.

Can you please also suggest the most appropriate forum for delivering 
our letter.
Jeff McKenna, the president of the OSGeo Board, plans to deliver this 
letter on behalf of the OSGeo Board and the rest of the OSGeo Community.

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