[Board] New board, new roles

Michael Gerlek mpg at flaxen.com
Sat Sep 7 10:40:37 PDT 2013

As Arnulf noted, I'll transfer over secretarial duties when you've got a
replacement lined up. There is some housekeeping I need to do before
turning things over:

- contributor agreements
  . maintaining folder full of contributor agreements: I will tidy these
up and make sure they are all current on our DropBox folder
  . someone needs to hold on to the paper copies: I'm happy to keep them
here at my house until some other arrangement makes sense
  . update web page of contrib agreements: hasn't been done in ages, I'll
do that too

- memberships
  . I have a spreadsheet of all members, last known contact info,
last-voted dates, etc: I will update that again now that election is over
  . I will present board with list of people known to be "inactive", for
contacting and/or removal form our lists

I'll get all of the above wrapped up this week.


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>Dear board,
>we updated the main website:
>and the Wiki:
>and added the elections results:
>I hope that this covers all places where we list the board members. If
>not please let me know or fix yourself. If you fix yourself it would
>be appreciated if you would also add the link to this list (for future
>Please note that you should probably nominate a new Secretary asap.
>Michael kindly confirmed that he will follow up tagging Charter
>Members as inactive if they failed to vote in two consecutive
>elections and update the list with addresses. Next year will be the
>first where the "inactive status" regulation finally comes into action.
>For next year we highly recommend to switch to electronic elections.
>The manual effort is way too high with more than 180 members. In total
>the elections took a good 60h of work split between three people,
>around 200 individual mails and more than 100 Wiki and web site edits.
>That is a kilobyte more than just for fun. Greg Buehler manages the
>electronic votes for OGC (and they have loads of them all the time)
>and he kindly offered to share his experience. Who would be the
>counterpart on our side? I'd be happy to report from the last two
>elections but will not be able to implement anything.
>After FOSS4G we will start the Big Cleanup of governance docs, bylaws,
>rules, regulations, policies and procedures. Ugh. Why did I just say this?
>Have fun,
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