[Board] Potential inactive members - action requested

Michael Gerlek mpg at flaxen.com
Mon Sep 16 12:43:54 PDT 2013


It is our policy [citation needed] that members who have not voted in the
past two elections are eligible for removal as "inactive". This is the first
time we are finally able to act on this policy, due to skipped elections and

The past two elections were the 2013 Board vote and the 2012 Board vote.
(The 2013 Charter vote was not not held.) These members did not vote in
those two elections are are therefore candidates for removal:

Bob Basque
Chris Holmes
César Medina

Eric Lemoine

G.Hanumantha Rao

Gary Sherman

Geoff Zeiss

Hardeep S. Rai

Haris Kurtagic

Helton Uchoa

Jackie Ng

James MacGill

Jan-Oliver Wagner

Jean-Roc Morreale

Jo Walsh

John Graham

Jorge Gustavo Rocha

Justin Bronn

Lorenzo Becchi

Luis W. Sevilla

Mark Cave-Ayland

Martin Davis

Paolo Cavallini

Rafael Medeiros Sperb

Rich Steele

Rob Atkinson

Schuyler D. Erle

Tim Sutton

Wolf Bergenheim

Note that removal due to inactivity should not be considered a "hostile" act
nor should I reflect poorly on the individual removed. Rather, this process
is simply intended to keep the set of charter members robust and current. We
recognize that people's careers and interests change over time.

As this is the first time we're taking this action, and as I'm no longer
technically on the board, I'm going to ask for the board's recommendation on
how to proceed. Options are:

(1)  do nothing ­ keep these members on the active list

(2)  send them emails asking them if they want to be removed or if they want
to stay on (response required within 7 days, else default removal)

(3)  remove them, and send a mail indicating they have been removed due to

(4)  remove them, without attempt at notification

(5)  do nothing for now ­ board to discuss matter at future meeting

Because it is possible these people were missed for administrative reasons
(incorrect email addresses, incorrect vote tabulations) I suggest option 2.

The board with  to deal with this informally by email right now, or wait and
take a formal vote at the next meeting.

I serve at the pleasure of the Board, and am happy to act on the above as
however the Board in their collective wisdom sees fit to direct me.


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