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Suchith Anand Suchith.Anand at nottingham.ac.uk
Thu Feb 6 08:09:00 PST 2014

Jeff, All,

This is excellent initiative and i am happy to see OSGeo support this. I can also see the educational and training aspects to this fits in well with the "Geo for All" initiative . So i will also add this to the agenda of "Geo for All" Advisory Board meeting http://www.geoforall.org/advisory_board/  on 24th Feb  and i am sure we can think of some excellent ideas for supporting OSGeo contributions to this initiative not just for Africa but globally.

Best wishes,


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Oh I just noticed now that DR SOLOMON ABEBE HAILE from the GLTN will be a fellow keynote there - indeed such a meeting or launch of this partnership there would make sense.


On 2/6/2014, 9:09 AM, Jeff McKenna wrote:
> Hi Arnulf,
> This looks good.
> Also, I will be at the "AfricaGEO" event[1] this July, in Cape Town, 
> with fellow OSGeo leaders like Gavin and TimS, so maybe Danilo or 
> Clarissa would like to meet there to discuss this partnership, or use 
> that as an official launch.
> -jeff
> [1] http://www.africageo.org/
> On 2/3/2014, 9:41 AM, Arnulf Christl wrote:
>> Dear Board, I am currently working on a project for the UN-Habitat 
>> Office. They develop an Open Source project called STDM (social 
>> tenure domain model). It is a tool, data schema and concept to help 
>> data collection of tenure data in informal settlements:
>> http://www.gltn.net/index.php/land-tools/social-tenure-domain-model-s
>> tdm
>>  The toolset includes a plug-in for QGIS and a data schema for 
>> PostGIS. STDM is a dedicated pro-poor effort and has been designed 
>> especially to address the continuum of tenure relations typically 
>> found in informal settlements. Slums usually lack a cadaster or other 
>> precise mapping background and the relations between ownership and 
>> tenure are not well defined. This tool is designed to address these 
>> issues.
>> The project has been started through GLTN (the Global Land Tool 
>> Network, http://www.gltn.net/) a non-profit association dedicated to 
>> developing tools for land registry and management. We (OSGeo) have 
>> now been invited to become a partner of this association.
>> Joining this partnership will allow partners to fund individuals 
>> through OSGeo to join forces on the project, collaborate on the 
>> software, take part in meetings, conferences, workshops, etc.
>> Our side of the commitment would be the provision of infrastructure 
>> support for the STDM tool, the kind of support we already give to 
>> some projects. The current focus lies on operating the mailing lists 
>> for the project and set up a landing page in our Wiki (which I both 
>> commit to doing). The STDM project has been set up in compliance with 
>> OSGeo's way of doing things, the code will be Open Source, the 
>> documentation available for free, etc. The coding aspect of the 
>> project is not very big so we currently do not foresee the need to go 
>> through incubation but it might be a nice addition for our OSGeo Live 
>> effort.
>> OSGeo's support for QGIS and PostGIS is highly appreciated by GLTN 
>> and they acknowledge this as part of our active support in this 
>> partnership. So basically we are already doing all that they need and 
>> in turn they would like to give back through this partnership.
>> I have already confirmed that we can set up mailing lists and will do 
>> this in the next days (see ticket #1295).
>> Could the board please go through the attached draft request for 
>> membership and raise any questions you might have. Please note that I 
>> will only be available until the end of the week but you can also 
>> contact Danilo Antonio directly, he is the project lead at UN-Habitat 
>> and copied in this mail - or Clarissa Augustinus, Chief, Land & 
>> Tenure Section, UN-HABITAT.
>> I would be happy to act as the initial point of contact unless 
>> somebody else with a better background in our African OSGeo chapter 
>> activities is highly interested in further developing this 
>> relationship.
>> Best regards, Arnulf
>> PS: Please note that I will be away most of the rest of February and 
>> into March.
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