[Board] Incubation nightmare

Massimiliano Cannata massimiliano.cannata at supsi.ch
Sat Jan 24 08:58:49 PST 2015

Dear incubation committee,
I'm embarassed in writing this email...

but after a very very long waiting I have to complain for the treatment the
istsos software is receiving.

Is the same for all the software or just this project is not considered?

Almost one year ago I apply for entering incubation, the committee asks me
to follow the procedure with form.. Then ticket.. And I fill everything.

The committee said we need a mentor, Arnulf volunteered,  and the
committee, I think, voted approving istsos to pass in incubation.

Then?.... Nothing... And one year is passed!

I think the committee shall make a motion to the board to approve the
decision, but it never happened.

The result? Istsos is not in incubation: not in the website nor in any talk
I have followed.

Why making a motion is so difficult?

If this is the treatment for new software approaching our community I
believe something does not work at all!

I know people are volunteer and not paid,  but the welcome steps are
minimal: reading a page, vote, and make a motion.

If we get stack here, and after several remainders from my side, this is
really discouraging.

Sorry for this email.

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