[Board] Journal system hacked?

b.j.kobben at utwente.nl b.j.kobben at utwente.nl
Sun Jun 14 03:33:58 PDT 2015

Hi all,

You might have seen already the announcement below I sent on various
channels on the FOSS4G 2014 Academic Track publication in the OSGEO

There were only five papers left (of the seven selected two have chosen to
publish elsewhere). Thus once I finally had al materials, I could quite
quickly do the actual editing and publishing.

In doing so, I found that he OJS system has had a flood of spam/robot
registrations: I found this when trying to send all users an announcement
and having the system trying to send mail to 40169 users. Not sure who (if
anybody) is at them moment (feeling) responsible for the Journal system,
but it needs some tender love and care...


FYI: there were three AT papers selected for the Transactions in GIS
journal, I asked their chief editor what the status of those is, but
received no answer as of yet.


Volume 14 of the OSGeo Journal [1] has just been published. This issue
comprises five research papers selected from the submissions to the
Academic Track of FOSS4G 2014, which took place in Portland (Oregon,USA),
from 8 to 13 September 2014.

[1] - https://journal.osgeo.org/index.php/journal/issue/viewIssue/35/6

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