[Board] How about freezing agendas 1 week prior to the meeting?

Sanghee Shin shshin at gaia3d.com
Thu Oct 15 13:00:23 PDT 2015

Hi all, 

It was my first time attending board meeting and I think we should do something to improve meeting efficiency. It was too short to discuss agendas and make decisions at the same time. I feel I've got too short time/background infos to think over the items/agendas that was added at the last minute. 

So I’d like to propose to freeze meeting agenda at least 1 week prior to the meeting. 

Explanation/discussion about agenda should be done before the meeting and we’d better focus on decision itself at the meeting. 

Any idea on this?

Best regards, 

Shin, Sanghee
Gaia3D, Inc. - The GeoSpatial Company

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