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I see this as benefiting all OSGeo projects. Its something that was
important to your PSC and you made the board aware of this need.  I don't
see that it requires you to abstain (you can, of course, if you want to

Michael Smith
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>> > 2015. 10. 16. 오후 7:21에 "Jody Garnett" <jody.garnett at gmail.com>님이 작성:
>>> >>
>>> >> I would like to make the following motion:
>>> >>
>>> >> Authorize up to $500 USD/annual for the SAC to obtain signing
>>> certificates for use by OSGeo projects (as per request of the QGIS PSC).
>>> Larry Shaffer as agreed to join the SAC committee to facilitate this
>>> activity.
> +0/abstain since I'm obviously involved with the PSC requesting this.
> Best wishes
> Anita

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