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Mon Oct 19 00:34:26 PDT 2015

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You'll notice that I have included 200 CAD for meals and travel
> incidentals.  I'd like to discuss this openly now, especially as next
> month I will travel to Moscow as president.  To be honest, this
> incidentals total feels very low, especially considering I spent time in
> 4 different airport, just for my trip there.  One could argue that cost
> would be just for my meals on the way to Seoul even, considering it took
> me almost 40 hours one way.  So, how do we handle this?

The travel expenses seem reasonable, I am much more interested in capturing
the true cost of your travel so we can budget accordingly, and so we do not
have you being out of pocket when asked to represent us in a professional

> I remember discussing this topic with Cameron years ago publicly, and it
> was agreed that OSGeo advocates who are invited to speak be covered for
> expenses per http://wiki.osgeo.org/wiki/OSGeo_Advocate#Expenses  That
> does mention meals, and points to the US State Department guidelines
> (here are the rates for Seoul
> https://aoprals.state.gov/web920/per_diem_action.asp?MenuHide=1&CountryCode=1129
> ).

The website does a fair job of capturing the different costs world wide,
Moscow is apparently very expensive to live.

You also missed the part of Cameron's page where a speaker fee is charged
(to comphensate for time away from work). Since (personally) my core
business is open source I have never felt comfortable asking for a speakers
fee, so long as I have an opportunity to thank my employer publicly.  I
expect representing OSGeo would put you in a position where you would not
feel comfortable switch hitting like this (Canadian trying to use baseball
analogy - did I do it right?)

> So, I'm just looking for your own opinion on this.  I am also fine for
> bringing this publicly as well (insert: I sent this at first to treasurer@
> and was asked to take this publicly).  I'm not looking to
> "pull a fast one" on the foundation, but my gut instinct sees that
> incidentals total and it just feels wrong.

If you are concerned grab receipts for the treasurer, and call it a day. We
trust the treasurer to call you on a late night pay tv charge to watch
hockey, but probably respect your use of hotel laundry (since we try and
project a friendly "atmosphere"). :)
Jody Garnett
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