[Board] update on ICA relationship

Jeff McKenna jmckenna at gatewaygeomatics.com
Fri Oct 30 07:16:58 PDT 2015

Hi Board, all,

This morning I had a video meeting with the new ICA president, Prof 
Menno-Jan Kraak[1].  We had planned this meeting, and we had a good long 
talk about the two foundations and how we can continue working together. 
  We plan to do this every 2 months, even if we have no updates for each 
other (in talking, we found out we share so much in common being the 
president of a foundation, and it is great to speak of issues that 
really only presidents or ex-presidents can understand of).  I had a 
good laugh when he spoke of his daily e-mail messages increasing by 90%, 
yes, welcome to the role ha.

We have circled a few events for 2016 where we will hopefully sit down 
together and talk face to face.

We of course spoke of the importance of GeoForAll to both organizations.

I look forward to working with the ICA and Menno-Jan.


[1] http://icaci.org/executive-committee/menno-jan-kraak/

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