[Board] agenda points for the next board meeting August 4

Dirk Frigne dirk.frigne at geosparc.com
Tue Aug 2 06:23:43 PDT 2016

Dear board members,

In preparation for the board meeting next Thursday I added a new agenda
point and copied tree points of the previous meeting agenda to the list.

The new point is a status about the role OSGeo could play as
participating organisation for GEO [1]. This is a follow up from the
meeting 2016-04-14 where we discussed the potential partnership between
GEO and OSGeo.

about GEO in short: Established in 2005, GEO is a voluntary partnership
of governments and organizations that envisions “a future wherein
decisions and actions for the benefit of humankind are informed by
coordinated, comprehensive and sustained Earth observations and

I had a conf call July 13 with Barbara Ryan and Paulo De Salvo about a
potential partnership.

The main activity is brokering in Geo-Data, and they need a lot of Geo
software. I proposed to become a partnering organisation. The role for
OSGeo should be the advocacy within the GEO organisation to promote
OSGeo software.

A partnership has no cost involved. They ask if we can attend and be
represented on the yearly conference [2] (this year November 9-10 in St
Petersburg), we should be able to ask some of our members who is already
attending the conference, if possible. ESA is a PO an OGC also. If we
could people in these organisations who could represent both ...
But I think it is important we (OSGeo) are represented in this organisation.

If we agree with such a partnership I can try to find a solution for the
participation of the general meeting and GEO could go on with their part
of the acceptance protocol.

For the other agenda points:

- F2F meeting date at FOSS4G Bonn
I send out a doodle, please fill in so we can make a decision on the
board meeting.

-  Official expression of interest forming a European Chapter
I replied on all questions or remarks that where raised. So we should be
able to vote for the recognition of the new LOC.

- OSGeo AGM at Bonn
Already covered in mails earlier today. I think this point is ready to
be executed in Bonn, as Jody stated.


[1] http://www.earthobservations.org/index.php
[2] http://www.earthobservations.org/meetings.php

Yours sincerely,

ir. Dirk Frigne
CEO @geosparc

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