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Marc Vloemans marcvloemans1 at gmail.com
Wed Jun 8 14:56:40 PDT 2016

Vasile, Gert-Jan et al

Doing it in one sweep is effectively the same option as doing 'Board' first and then the 'Chapter members'. The present members are the ones able to vote.
Or am I missing something?

Somehow it seems more sympathetic to newly elected chapter members, as well as boosting motivation to participate in OSGeo affairs, when they are able to vote for new board.
This would reverse the order; first chapter member elections and after those election of the board. 

Vriendelijke groet,
Marc Vloemans

> Op 8 jun. 2016 om 11:33 heeft Gert-Jan van der Weijden (OSGeo.nl) <gert-jan at osgeo.nl> het volgende geschreven:
> Hi Vasile,
> Just wondering: is there a specific reason for combining the 2 elections (charter memebers & board member) in one sweep.
> As I can recall from last year especially the charter member elections caused some debate, which had to be finished because the board member elections were to be held.
> Even if the 2 elections are combined, the elections order perhaps might be reversed: first have the Board election and after that the Charter Member elections.
> Kind regards,
> Gert-Jan
> Vasile Craciunescu schreef op 08-06-2016 1:37:
>> Dear all,
>> Not sure about the winter but the 2016 OSGeo charter members and board
>> members elections are coming. As 2015 CRO and board member, I felt
>> that is my responsible to put things in motion. So
>> 1. I created the wiki pages for 2016 elections[1]
>> 2. I setup a dedicated Limesurvey instance on OSGeo Romania
>> infrastructure (the solution used in the last years for electronic
>> voting). Until recently UC Davis host that instance and we are more
>> than grateful for that. That machine was recently retired so we needed
>> to find a new "house". If needed, we can move this instance to another
>> server. OSGeo Romania was the closest solution at this time. The 2015
>> voting templates were uploaded to serve as starting point for this
>> year elections.
>> 3. I propose the following calendar for elections:
>> — 2016-07-04 to 2016-07-26 for new charter members;
>> — 2016-07-27 to 2016-08-18 for board open positions.
>> This way the new board members have a chance to meet face-to-face at
>> FOSS4G in Bonn, Germany, in late August.
>> 4. We might need a new CRO. I did not decided yet if I will run for
>> another term as board director. If I do, I'm in a conflict of interest
>> and we need a new volunteer (all my help is assured). If I decide not
>> to run, I can be CRO for this year again.
>> 5. The formula for electing new charter members is not clear yet. Last
>> year we had countless discussions and even we went through an open
>> survey. The question is still open. For the time been let's assume
>> that we will use the same system as in the last two years.
>> Of course, all of this will be discussed in the next board meeting.
>> Anyway, until then, any comments and suggestions are more than
>> welcome.
>> Best,
>> Vasile
>> [1] https://wiki.osgeo.org/wiki/Election_2016
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