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María Arias de Reyna delawen at gmail.com
Fri Dec 22 10:08:11 PST 2017

Hi Helena,

The time is the same as always: 14 UTC

The only change is the duration: we said minimum 4 h, optimum 6h. But I
hope we can finish the budget in 4h if we don't deviate too much.

El 22 dic. 2017 18:41, "Helena Mitasova" <hmitaso at ncsu.edu> escribió:

> Maria,
> thanks for the reminder, jitsi seems to work for me. Can you please remind
> us all about the time of the meeting - I am now in Europe and don't want to
> miss it by mixing up the time.
> Also, I have updated the 2018 budget requests wiki with some of the
> requests sent through emails - it would be useful if everybody familiarized
> themselves with it so that we can have a productive discussion. Most
> requests should have details provided in comments or in linked wiki page.
> https://wiki.osgeo.org/wiki/OSGeo_Budget_2018
> Michael, if possible, can you please add the actual numbers for 2017?
> If anybody sees a missed item please add it, I am not sure I captured
> everything that was sent through emails.
> Thank you all and talk to you tomorrow (I assume we are meeting in
> afternoon central europe time)
> Helena
> On Fri, Dec 22, 2017 at 8:31 AM, María Arias de Reyna <delawen at gmail.com>
> wrote:
>> Hi,
>> This is a reminder that tomorrow we have a meeting.
>> Nobody has said anything about the platform for the videocall. I propose
>> jitsi because it allows other people to join us freely without losing the
>> control of who speaks. We can even live stream the meeting or share later
>> in youtube (don't know about other platforms). It can share screen
>> (something which skype doesn't) or share a text pad (we can collaboratively
>> help in the minutes making). And it is FOSS. If we like this a lot, we can
>> even install our own server to have completely privacy.
>> So, my proposal is: please, try before the meeting
>> https://meet.jit.si/FOSS4G It should work on all major browsers
>> (something which Google hangouts doesn't).
>> Tomorrow we can start there and on irc at the same time, so if we have
>> problems, we can fail back to Google Hangouts, Skype, irc or whatever.
>> Regards,
>> María.
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