[Board] Committees budget ?

Massimiliano Cannata massimiliano.cannata at supsi.ch
Sat Feb 4 02:24:11 PST 2017

Dear president and board members,
I would like to understand if the 2017 budget proposed by the committees
and project has been approved or not, and if approved if they can use it.
The year already started and activities are going on.

For example Egu townhall & open monitoring workshops are planning.
Last week I sent a request but I didn't received any answer.

Wednesday the we'll run a workshop in Italy with more then 30 participants,
which is already a great success in term of outreach activity.

We anticipated money for this, taking our risk, but now I urgently require
to know if materials to conduct the workshop are sponsored by OSGeo or not.

Thanks for a kind reply.

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