[Board] Stolen computer

Suchith Anand Suchith.Anand at nottingham.ac.uk
Mon Jul 24 05:36:20 PDT 2017

I was sad to hear this also.

I want to thank the  Organizing Committee for inviting me as keynote for FOSS4G Europe 2017  and I have emailed Gerald Fenoy before the event that I will politely not accept the travel/accommodation grant of 500 € that was kindly provided for me and requested that LOC to kindly provide that amount for any deserving students for their travel for FOSS4G Europe 2017 or use that for any student scholarship etc. If the LOC has not yet given student scholarships etc, may I request they give this amount to the two colleagues who have faced this unforeseen hardship. 

Many kind people in the OSGeo community have helped me along the way , so this my small part that I can also give back. Thanks.

Best wishes,


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Dear Board,

during FOSS4G Europe two computer were stolen, I think that it may be
really beautiful action if board decide to refund (at least a part of
the cost) them (if they needs/require).


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Dear all,

This is my weekly report.

What you have done?

This week  I attended to foss4g Europe. During the conference i could
meet my mentors and discuss about outcomes of the project and
improvement which need to be done further.
I would like to add more detailed information in my next report.

Next week

During the conference I lost my computer. So some part of my work are
lost. Still I have some part in my other computer and with that I will
try to recover my work and start the work where I stoped

Are you blocking on anything?
Lost my computer and need to redo some of my work.

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